Hands On Therapy | Myofascial Maxims
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Myofascial Maxims

The John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach contains several fundamental concepts that governs each and every session we enter.
We can only take clients as far as we are willing to go ourselves
As trained therapists in the art of Myofascial Release we have each been through significant healing processes and continue to receive this work ourselves and dedicate ourselves to self treatment and a healthy lifestyle.
We will never force so we will never injure
Instead of trying to force the system, we mindfully and energetically engage with the tissue and wait for it to soften and change in order to release restrictions and holding patterns. We have learned through our training and through receiving this work ourselves that in order to release holding patterns in the body that cause us pain we need to communicate with the body with a touch and energy that feels safe to the body verses forcing and adding to a pattern of resistance.
Find the symptom look elsewhere for the cause
Due to the nature of the fascial system as a continuous web the symptom may be quite distant from the actual cause. By looking at the body as a whole instead of separated parts, we can identify patterns and connections that can lead us to the cause in order to find a therapeutic outcome to the problem.