Hands On Therapy | Coordination Pattern Training
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Coordination Pattern Training

We become the shapes and movements we use most of the time. -Brooke Thomas
Coordination Patterns™ are an essential core life element discovered through an investigation of dance, movement, communication, and the creative process. A primary way that humans function, Coordination Patterns™ can become an important and useful tool for everyone.

If you are going to change a pattern that isn’t serving you you need to include your body and your mind.  Physical therapy may attempt to strengthen and lengthen muscles in the body but Coordination Pattern training adds another very important aspect which is Loosening and Coordinating through awareness and movement.  The Patterns can become a tool to improve the use of our talents and abilities, both physical and mental.

– Betsy Wetzig:  Originator of Coordination Pattern Training

Through the approach of the John Barnes Myofascial Release Technique we are effectively creating an environment for holding patterns in the body to reorganize.  Coordination Pattern™ Training developed by Betsy Wetzig supports this intention and through specific movement exercises we continue to encourage the body and mind to reorganize and coordinate in a way that allows efficiency and ease.

Erin has found the movement exercises of Coordination Pattern training to be an effective tool and especially so when used in conjunction with the principles of Myofascial Release.

Erin is currently training directly with Betsy Wetzig, the originator and director of workshops for Coordination Patterns Training which has spread nationally and internationally. Betsy is a choreographer, movement researcher, educator and author and she has developed hundreds of exercises over the last 30 years of working with all types of people and Pattern applications.