Hands On Therapy | Flexibility Programs
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Flexibility Programs

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Our Flexibility Program are nothing like physical programs. Every Hands On Therapy Program includes a Home Flexibility Program in order to maintain the new fascial length gained in session and to establish new patterns of movement in the body. The Home Flexibility Program (HFP) will be designed for the client’s individual needs based upon assessment, current condition and therapeutic goals. Clients will discuss with their therapist how much time is necessary to accomplish the goals set forth and will work to weigh that with how much time the client can realistically devote to this element of the therapeutic process.

The importance of this program component can not be understated!

An HFP will consist of therapeutic stretches for specific areas of fascial restriction. Some therapy tools such as 4″ balls, tennis balls and other specialized tools may be required for certain exercises but these tools are quite inexpensive. Many times no tools are needed and all exercises are designed to be easy, relaxing and transportable so they can be done while traveling.
Each exercise will be described in detail during your therapy session and reviewed in following sessions to assure that all exercises are being done “correctly” and that it is a benefit to your program. These exercises follow the MFR approach in that each stretch is held for a minimum of 90-120 seconds and should ideally be addressed as a “mono-tasking” activity, meaning that results will be maximized if you are focusing on what you are experiencing during the stretch, feeling how your body is releasing  and listening for what to do next.